Client Testimonials for Margaret.

Lois Bollman, Vice President of Academic Affairs/CAO at Minneapolis Community and Technical College
Margaret Lulic has provided wise counsel and concrete suggestions to me as I negotiated (within myself) my last year of employment and future retirement.  Margaret listened, advised, and challenged me to find my path from a long-term career to retirement to a consulting business plan.  Without telling me what to do, but providing challenging questions to consider, Margaret’s wise counsel guided me to clarity about what my next “life” will be.

Sarah Susanka, Architect, Author, Cultural Innovator
“I highly recommend Margaret Lulic’s services. When I read her first book, Who We Could Be At Work, it impacted me deeply. I had begun writing, The Not So Big House, but was struggling with how to do justice to both writing and managing an architectural firm. With Margaret’s adept advice and counsel, I learned I could do things I hadn’t thought possible.

She helped me discover that devoting myself to my writing career was my heart’s true longing. I couldn’t have become the author I am today without the help she gave me. I was able to let go of the role of managing partner completely and leave the firm in such a way that it continues to flourish. Margaret helped create a new management structure and marketing thrust. It was truly a transformative journey, and one that I wouldn’t trade for anything. She is clear, firm when necessary, and always graceful, and is someone who almost everyone responds to positively.”

David Rhees, Executive Director, The Bakken Museum
“The Bakken Museum has grown tremendously over the last 20 years. The first big step for us was a decision by the Board of Directors to expand the building significantly and add classrooms and more educational programing in science. I knew that Board meeting would be most effective with an outside facilitator. Margaret Lulic served us well in that capacity and we brought her back multiple times over a couple decades to coach me as a leader, work with my staff and on personnel issues as well as strategic planning. Her diverse background was a real plus for us since we didn’t have to start all over educating a new consultant about who we were and what we were trying to do in the world. She is trustworthy, evenhanded, a strategic thinker and caring. Some of us teased her that she was like a guardian angel looking out for the best interests of the organization.”

Becky Lourey Owner, Nemadji Research Corporation
Former MN State Senator

“I heartily recommend Margaret Lulic to any family owned, small business as that business deals with succession and professional interaction between the family member employees and non-family member employees. Margaret Lulic’s expertise and experience with investigation, evaluation, communication and problem solving builds ownership for each person participating. Ms. Lulic’s philosophy of interaction as opposed to “lecturing and leaving” makes the difference between stalemate and vibrant success. Further, we appreciate her efforts to work within our budget and maximize the return on our investment of time and money. We have been well served. Any business, actually, small or large, family owned or not, can enhance productivity, creativity and collaboration under Margaret Lulic’s tutelage.”

Mary Warpeha, Warpeha Prosthodontic Clinic
“After 40 + years of hard work, a thriving prosthodontic practice, a committed marriage relationship and three children, time has arrived for us to transition from a fulfilling career into a fulfilling retirement.  All five members of our family, two loyal and talented staff members and hundreds of patients have been our life for these many years.   As we began considering retirement, we anticipated consulting with our accountant and our financial advisor, but we also knew that we needed someone to help us envision the path or paths for our future.

Margaret entered into our lives through a Feng Shui workshop, and there was an immediate connection.  With Margaret’s intuitive skills and years of experience, we were custom-coached through scenarios of change, homework sessions together communicating our dreams for a perfect retirement, and more.  Retirement has many facets:  slow changes or closing doors – sometime or maybe tomorrow; keeping private about plans or involving others in the process; considering creative and energizing alternatives to the 9-5 existence to which we have been accustomed; being aware of changing health and eventual death; finding others to share our interests and activities now that we have time available.  The list goes on.

Fortunately, Margaret could meet with us every several weeks and anticipate the next round of questions.  After all, we are the ones with the answers.  We just needed someone special to raise our awareness of the questions and options we had never considered.  We are most grateful for the personal and caring assistance Margaret has given us. We will enthusiastically reconnect with Margaret when we are ready to progress beyond the schedule we have initially worked together to develop.”

Charles M. Denny, CEO ADC Telecommunications, retired
“Margaret Lulic assisted me as I was helping to start the Minnesota High Technology Council when she worked for the Institute of Technology at the University of Minnesota and then as an employee at ADC Telecommunications, Inc. in marketing and strategic planning during a time of deregulation and dramatic change. She has a gift of using the Socratic method to draw out other people’s wisdom and lead them out of their mental boxes. She also teaches by facilitating and is a non-traditional problem solver always anticipating tomorrow.”

Jessica Shryack, Executive Director of Quality Initiatives, Minneapolis Community and Technical College
“Margaret Lulic sits at the rare and wonderful intersection between holistic, meaningful, deep questioning + concrete, results-oriented action. She is true to her “brand promise” of asking powerful questions that help people step back and reflect on the whole picture of their lives. Reviewing her website with photos of a road through a yellowing fall forest and the sun in a bright blue, winter sky reflect the sense of calm and deep awareness that Margaret inspires in others. She is a genius. I highly recommend her services.”

Alex Lanning, Doctor of Chiropractic at Kinetic Chiropractic & Healing Arts
“I had a session with Margaret to take a holistic approach on my retirement planning. I found Margaret to be an excellent listener, non-judgemental, centered and creative as to how to approach my financial future. As a young person, I walked away feeling inspired and had less anxiety and tangible plans with how to move forward. I highly recommend Margaret as a trusted and intelligent source to help people who are wanting to look at their retirement planning mindfully and creatively.”

Stan Nyquist, former MBA Program Director, University of St. Thomas
“I’ve served on a Board of Directors with Margaret Lulic. I’ve learned that when she speaks, I should pay attention. She sees things that the rest of us missed.”

Kristine Melloy, Ph.D
“Margaret Lulic is a life giving consulting philosopher. My husband and I had the opportunity to work with Margaret when we faced a crossroads in our careers. Margaret assisted me in making a difficult decision about changing my employment. At one point, she involved my husband in the decision making process and activities since one of our goals as we worked together was to help me balance my life, work and home. The tools and strategies Margaret taught me to use in interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships with others, especially in the workplace, are ones that positively affected my lifelong learning and achievement. Steve and I are forever grateful to Margaret for the competent, compassionate and effective coaching she provided us. The work we completed together resulted in my accepting an opportunity of a lifetime and a move to the West Indies for work, living, and experiencing life on a tropical island.”

Dorwatha Woods, Principal and LuEllen Richmond, Vice Principal
Ascension Catholic School
“Margaret Lulic was a wonderful asset to our school as we went through the MNSAA Accreditation process. Her outside, objective perspective was very helpful. We used many of her diverse skills. He facilitation skills created an environment that allowed everyone to be heard. She is knowledgeable, straightforward, compassionate and great to work with in every way. The site visit team told us our documentation was among the best they have seen.”

Eric Donaldson, CEO, Reell Precision Manufacturing (former)
“I had the honor and pleasure to work with (and for) Margaret Lulic in her role as the Chair of the Board of Directors of Reell Precision Manufacturing. Margaret’s calm, wise leadership, excellent listening and negotiating skills, appreciation for diversity of views, and ability to handle the challenges of a company in significant transition were all skills and behaviors that made my role as CEO much easier. I was blessed by her support and her quest to help me (and the organization) improve in all aspects of service and leadership. Margaret has a unique ability to understand people, company cultures, and the potential in both.”

Father Michael O’Connell, Former Basilica of St. Mary Rector, Pastor Ascension Catholic Parish
“The Basilica was growing fast and we had increasing complexity. And we were moving very rapidly, juggling many new programs. We needed to form a cohesive leadership team and one that could deal with such a dynamic environment. Margaret Lulic brought an ability to strategize through the complexity. We learned to weigh conflicting goals and perspectives and see how the whole fit together. She is very empowering as she draws out people’s integrity and authenticity. She creates a compelling serenity that invites reflection. Her feedback is like a clear mirror that lets you see in a new way. We worked with her multiple times over many years on diverse issues.  I would not hesitate to recommend Margaret. Please feel free to contact me for further reference.”

Phil Billings, Director of Engineering
“We had a team of highly qualified functional leaders with diverse styles. We agreed collaboration was critical. Yet, it was more challenging and less effective than we expected. In engineering we use the term “elegant solutions.” It means solving a problem with the least possible waste of materials and effort. Often it can also include solving multiple issues with one design change. Margaret helps a team come up with those kinds of solutions. In addition, the best thing she did for me personally was to warmly challenge me to be more fully authentic. That made a difference.”

Dan Hanson, President Land O’Lakes Division, retired
Communications Professor, Augsburg College
“I worked with a non-profit board were there were times when there was so much data and so many options that it was mind boggling for all of us. Margaret was also a board member and I discovered she has an ability to select the right question or most meaningful data when that is the appropriate action. Other times she knew how to help individuals pursue new insights unencumbered by facts and the current way of thinking.”

Sue Davern, Happier person, wife, mother, and grandmother
“Approaching 70 years of age, I wanted to optimize my future years. I hired a life coach. Within two sessions, I felt as if Margaret had known me forever. Her questions led me to discover my own wisdom, vision, and to develop an action plan. Margaret is safe, nonjudgmental, and professional. Her guidance has far exceeded my expectations.”

John Kimec, Principal, St. Raphael Catholic School
“I found Ms. Lulic to be extremely helpful. She was very knowledgeable not only about educational pedagogy but about MNSAA expectations. She helped me understand where we were, where we needed to be, and the steps necessary to meet the end goal. She was very generous with her time and very patient in helping me understand the overall process. I do not think our site visit would have been successful without the help of Ms. Lulic. I am pleased to give her my highest recommendation.”

Edie Green, Co-Founder and retired Executive Director of Intercultural Student Experiences
“ISE is a nonprofit organization that has been providing global learning experiences for students since 1972.  Margaret Lulic helped us initially as a consultant and then we asked her to be a board member and eventually chair of the board.

She helped me to gracefully transition the old board into a more vibrant one with a new set of skills, recruited two of the new members and did training on governance. I was approaching retirement age and she was very helpful to the board in drawing out insights as to what we needed in a new Executive Director as well as mapping out a process for selecting a new person, involving staff in the process and designing how to handle the transition. We also concurrently did strategic planning realizing that the strategy would influence what we needed in an Executive Director but also that the new person needed to be engaged in the strategy.

Margaret is exceptional at involving people in meaningful and pragmatic ways, asking powerful questions and seeing what others don’t see as a new path. She manages content and process effectively. She also tells you the truth in respectful and very clear ways. I highly recommend her. She has an unusually diverse background to draw upon so she can offer program and content ideas of her own.”

Gloria Perez, President and CEO at Jeremiah Program
“Margaret Lulic is a deep thinker about people and organizations. As a consultant, she brings significant experience as a coach within multiple sectors and for a variety of purposes. Margaret’s distinguishing characteristics are what I would characterize as “gentle strength and insight.” She has a powerful way of guiding people to achieve a desired outcome, even if the path is different from what they envisioned. Specifically, Margaret guided Jeremiah Program’s leadership through a problem-solving process using interviews, reflection, thoughtful listening, compassion and collaboration. Through the process, all parties felt heard, affirmed and grateful for Margaret’s ability to capture their thoughts, feelings and ideas. Margaret provided the necessary outside expertise to facilitate conversation and address changes that have resulted from our organizational evolution.”



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