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Breakthrough is in the “aha” of seeing the whole forest.

Your days are hectic. One of your most challenging tasks is to step back and see the “whole” rather than deal with the parts. Then vision will lead you and you’ll maximize a valuable limited resource – yourself – to release the system potential of the organization. What and who you are will cascade throughout the organization. It’s wise to “Know Thyself” by having the means to know how others are experiencing you.

Robert Greenleaf observes that the “lead” in leadership is dependent upon the ability to grasp the big picture and foresee tomorrow. Then you can act while you still have time. The odds increase that you’ll act wisely, ethically, humanely and profitably.

Your second lever is the quality of the collective functioning of the next tier of leaders. Are they competitors or a cohesive team? Are they servant leaders or aggrandizers? Do they see the whole?

The Obstacles to Seeing Your Whole System?

We’re often stuck in our mental box. The statistics are clear — what leaders believe is different than what workers see. Their attitudes make a huge difference in leverage for the organization. “Even the frankest and bravest of subordinates do not talk with their boss the same way they talk with colleagues.” Robert Greenleaf

Steven Covey argues doing what’s important, rather than urgent, facilitates foresight and holistic thinking. How much time do you spend on that versus what’s urgent?

The Opportunity for Overcoming the Obstacles?

For over 30 years, many leaders have relied on me to help them step back and see the big picture. I provide a synthesis of the organization, shed light on opportunities, and provide a truthful feedback loop helping them stay the new course.

The Testimonials

Margaret Lulic has a gift of using the Socratic method to draw out other people’s wisdom and lead them out of their mental boxes. She also teaches by facilitating and is a non-traditional problem solver always anticipating tomorrow…” more >

Charles M. Denny, CEO ADC Telecommunications, retired



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