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Organization Coach: Illuminating your organization’s strengths for accreditation or growth.

As an Organization Coach I assist Businesses, Nonprofits and Schools at those times when they need to demonstrate or improve their strengths through Strategic Planning, Accreditation and Governance issues. My extensive background allows me to address many issues that are all part of a system. That’s why my clients appreciate my ability to synthesize.

Small and Family-Owned Businesses and Nonprofits often need assistance with strategic plans, employee engagement or culture dynamics. I assist with all of those using a variety of skills and custom designed approaches. Lastly, I write legacy books on their behalf to capture their unique stories while achieving organizational goals.

Accreditation processes are designed to help the school’s leaders and stakeholders document what results they are achieving, survey stakeholders as well as to develop an improvement and strategic plan. To be accredited through MNSAA brings confidence to all concerned about the quality of a given school. A critical part of that whole intense process is to ask powerful questions.

My strategic planning processes bring all stakeholders voices into the process and creates a common inspiring vision. Action planning creates a path for practical implementation.

The Obstacles to Facilitating This?

A common concern is money. I work with organizations to identify the most cost effective approach to achieve their goals. Another obstacle is a concern that outsiders can’t really understand you enough to assist. Being an outsider is an advantage in that I see things with fresh eyes and see a path that you can’t see.

Opportunities for Overcoming Your Obstacles?

I use powerful questions and create safe environments to address these issues. (See the video on the sidebar “What is a Powerful Question?”)

I have helped schools reduce the time to complete all their accreditation processes by a full year. We’ve reduced the time to do strategic planning in half.

I also facilitate other processes. In family businesses, I’ve seen significant leaps in a matter of months.

Strategic plans often require on-going improvement processes, cost savings and improved customer service. A Kaizen event (rapid improvement process) will meet your needs. My colleague, Laura Hanstad, a certified Lean Kaizen Facilitator, and I engage your team to improve results and timing.

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Margaret Lulic was a wonderful asset to our school as we went through the MNSAA Accreditation process. Her outside, objective perspective was very helpful. We used many of her diverse skills. Her facilitation skills created an environment that allowed everyone to be heard. She is knowledgeable, straightforward, compassionate and great to work with in every way. The site visit team told us our documentation was among the best they have seen.”
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Dorwatha Woods, Principal, Ascension Catholic School

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