Margaret LulicSynthesizing. Illuminating. Wayfinding.

Free Preliminary 1 hour consultation for leaders and organizational work.

Please give me a call if you have questions or for a preliminary free one-hour consultation for leaders and organizational work.

Many of my clients have worked with me over decades as their organization or need has changed. They like my philosophy, skills and results, which they feel distinguishes me from other consultants. You might feel the same.

First, I believe each organization is unique. I customize my work to match who you are. As one client described it, “I often feel like the consultants who talk to me have a “hammer”, that is a specific tool or process or lens through which they see. So they see every problem as a nail that their hammer will solve. Margaret has a breadth and depth that is different.”

Second, I believe in system solutions and a philosophical orientation helps me achieve that. As a consulting philosopher, I love to seek and apply wisdom in practical applications. Wisdom is the ability to discern what is true, right and lasting and to develop insight. Aristotle saw it as knowing why things are a certain way, which is deeper than merely knowing that things are a certain way. That is different from being intelligent or an expert in one field.

I help synthesize tangible and intangible data and define the system to identify root causes.

This leads to new insights, aha’s, or the sense that the light has been turned on, things that were unseen emerge.

In this complex age, knowing the path, the way is what guides an organization. Solving discrete problems tends to only cause other problems.

A Story

Let me share a concrete story to illustrate these at work. In one manufacturing client, the problem list included problems with late deliveries, inaccurate invoicing, demoralized customer service people, increased competition and more price pressure. They saw these as separate issues, while I saw them as one system with a connective root cause.

I recommended a multi-function team undertake a joint visit to their top strategic accounts with a set of objectives to be met. The team returned with light bulbs flashing in their heads. We took three systems actions addressing all of the interrelated problems for minimal cost. Along the way, they signed a contract twice the volume they had hoped for and for two years rather than one.

My most important education has come from the business leaders that I have been fortunate to know who are Minnesota legends like Earl Bakken, Chuck Denny, and Bill George. My formal education includes graduation with honors from Marquette University and a Masters Degree from the University of Chicago. I have many credits and training beyond my Masters. I am also certified in Spiral Dynamics Integral through the National Values Center and as a Corporate Director from the Caux Round Table and St. Mary’s University.

Recognition and Certifications:

Fellow, Hendrickson Institute for Ethical Leadership
Award-winning author, Who We Could Be At Work
A variety of published articles and other books
Certified Board Director by the Caux Roundtable and St. Mary’s University
Privately held Corporate Board – served eight years and chaired for three years. Minnesota High Technology Council – service and chaired the Pre-K-12 Education Committee
Citizen’s League – Board and Committees
The Conscious Business Alliance – Board of Directors
Responsible Minnesota Business- Board of Directors
Intercultural Student Experiences – Chaired Board and Governance Committee
Board Vice President at SPIRE Federal Credit Union Foundation
Certified in Spiral Dynamics by the National Values Center

Examples of My Clients:

ADC Telecommunications, Inc.
Allina Health Systems
American Paging Inc.
Boise Cascade
DataCard, Inc.
Dupont Corporation
Emmons and Olivier Resources, Inc.,
Little and Company
Medtronic, Inc.
Montana Power and Light
Nemadji Research Inc.
Northwestern National Bank
SALA Architects
Ascension Catholic Grade School
The Bakken
Intercultural Student Experiences
Independent School District 287
Osseo School District
Plymouth Congregational Church
St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church



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