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Executive Coach: Breakthrough is in the “aha” of seeing the whole forest.

Complementary initial session available. An Executive Coach has courage, integrity and the ability to ask powerful questions. (See video link in the sidebar) Breakthroughs happen when we see the whole forest rather than the trees. These are the gifts the consulting philosopher brings to you in practical ways. I also support leaders with other services to position their organizations for growth as described in Organization and Governance Coach and Strategic Planner.

What happens when you see the whole forest? It makes you a great leader. Robert Greenleaf, in The Servant as Leader, and Machiavelli, in The Prince, both observed that the ‘lead’ in leadership is dependent upon the ability to grasp the big picture and foresee what is coming. This allows you the time to create a new vision, incorporate values and strategize. The odds increase that you’ll act wisely, ethically and profitably.

One of my gifts as an Executive Coach¬†is asking powerful questions that help you see problems¬†differently¬†and create appropriate strategies. My powerful research questions on¬†top leaders and founders in¬†my book, Who We Could Be At Work revealed more on this. I discovered excellent leaders weren’t great because they were¬†intellectually smarter than others. Instead they:

‚ÄĘ had truth tellers in their lives (knowing¬†the dangers of ‘yes people’.)
‚ÄĘ used a mentor, executive coach, spiritual advisor or others to expand their perspective.
‚ÄĘ utilized diverse methods to engage¬†the wisdom of the total organization.
‚ÄĘ lived clear values that influenced others to bring their best to every job.

The Obstacles to Seeing Your Whole System?

First, your days are too hectic and fragmented addressing immediate problems. Most people benefit from having an Executive Coach¬†who’s task is to create mechanisms to address this phenomena.¬†Steven Covey argues doing what’s important, rather than urgent, facilitates foresight and holistic thinking. How much time do you spend on that versus what’s urgent?

Second, being human means we’re often stuck in our mental box. Breakthroughs are most likely to happen as a result of conversations with people who are not in the same field and don’t have their own agendas at stake. Powerful questions help you breakout of your box.

Third, the statistics are clear — what leaders believe is different than what workers see. Their attitudes make a huge difference in leverage for the organization. “Even the frankest and bravest of subordinates do not talk with their boss the same way they talk with colleagues,” says Robert Greenleaf. I use surveys and interviews to discover the gap.

The Opportunity for Overcoming the Obstacles?

For over 30 years, I’ve been an Executive Coach¬†providing services to family owned businesses, moderate size businesses, non-profits and educational entities. Many leaders have relied on me to help them step back, see the big picture and address these obstacles. I provide a synthesis of the organization, shed light on opportunities, and provide a truthful feedback loop helping them stay the new course. I customize my work for each organization drawing from a variety of tools such as those listed in the sidebar.

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Margaret Lulic has a gift of using the Socratic method to draw out other people’s wisdom and lead them out of their mental boxes. She also teaches by facilitating and is a non-traditional problem solver always anticipating tomorrow…” more testimonials >

Charles M. Denny, CEO ADC Telecommunications, retired



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