Sarah Susanka

Sarah Susanka

“With Margaret’s adept advice and counsel, I learned I could do things I hadn’t thought possible.”
Sarah Susanka, Author & Architect

The Bakken Museum

The Bakken Museum

“We’ve had tremendous growth based on a vision and strategic plan our Board developed with Margaret’s facilitation expertise.”
David Rhees, Executive Director

Nemadji Research

Nemadji Research

I heartily recommend Margaret Lulic to any family owned, small business as that business deals with succession and professional interaction.”
Becky Lourey, Owner NRC,
former MN State Senator

Margaret Lulic

Margaret Lulic,
Consulting Philosopher

View Margaret Lulic, Consulting Philosopher, speak about “What is a Powerful Question?”
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“Reflections from Margaret”

Short, inspiring monthly thoughts with occasional special offers and events


Fitting details or multiple things together to form something new, “aha’s, reducing multiple problems and complexity into one elegant solution. Useful as a Coach or Strategist.


Make clear, shed light, bring clarity to situations, reveal what was hidden. To see in a new way opening potential as a Strategic Thinker or Coach.


Orienting, mental mapping, locating. Finding a path from here to there. Walking along side to show the way as an Executive Coach or Life Coach.



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